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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: Searching for build.xml
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2000 05:52:17 GMT
At 08:29  6/11/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Personally I think that all of you who are against this behavior are
>crazy.  I would be insane too if I had to specify the location of my build
>file every time too... so I guess I can understand that a little.

Well you can easily wrap your call to ant in a script to do just that (I
currently wrap mine in my editors scripting language elisp ;]) and there is
a few platform independent approaches (perl/python/tcl/rexx I guess are

>I am fine with backing out this change, though I think that it would be
>better to make it optional and not the default action.  There isn't any
>reason why a build system can not be easy to use and simple at the same


>I have pretty much given up on helping this effort due to the ultra-purist
>nature of the developers.  I tend to consider myself a purist, but you guys
>take the cake.  Though I would rather help add useful features to an
>open source project, rather than making private modifications, it seems
>clear that this group is dedicated to producing a system for different user

The group is basically aimed at simple cross platform build process. There
are plenty of tools available if you want to do complex scripting
(*make/javamake/jmk/jam etc). And I do think there is some room to add
complexity to ant while still retaining readability but it has to be done

Ironically you responded to Diane who is a strong advocate for extending
ant beyond the simple system and adding a lot of features ;) 

>Perhaps once there is a simple and powerful way to add features to Ant
>(with-out having to maintain a private version) then developers can be free
>to include/exclude the functionality that there environment demands.

I am working towards a system like this on a private fork and if successful
could be an option ;) but I still think the ant project should not fork too
much different versions.



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