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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Picking up the environment (was: RE: cvs commit: jakarta-ant .cvsignore)
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 01:46:01 GMT
--- Peter Donald <> wrote:
> Perhaps we may even execute the task automagically in exec. So if a
> particular exec call requires the environment you auotmatically execute
> procenv?

How would you see specifying that the <exec> requires the environment?
Maybe with an attribute? I'm all for being able to access environment vars
on demand, but I'd be reluctant to not have a way to also not have them
accessed. And is <exec> the only task this would effect? Since moving to
Ant, I've been pretty much leaving the user environment behind, and just
depending on either command-line properties (passed by the wrapper-script
or by the user) or properties files -- that way, being in an "ant
environment" doesn't really mess with the user's environment much at all
(other than to add ANT_HOME and some dirs to PATH). So I'd need to
re-think some things if the user's env was going to be re-introduced into
the mix on some wide scale.



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