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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject RE: Optional tasks et al.
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2000 16:09:35 GMT

--- Conor MacNeill <> wrote:
> Peter,
> There are no formal rules for deciding what constitutes an optional
> task. I think just about anything can be accepted as an optional task at
> this point. In the future, when the extension mechanism is in place, I
> think the optional tasks may move out of the ant CVS tree. We may then
> have a number of task sets, rather than a single big optional.jar. How
> we manage contirbuted / optional tasks is something I think needs to be
> addressed in the upcoming Ant 2.0 discussion.

This may have already been discussed before, but it would be really neat if
Ant supported extensions in a similar manner that jEdit supports plug-ins
(with maybe some help from Antidote); there is a defined JAR file format
for the optional tasks, and a server that the user can browse with a GUI
and/or console based tool for installing the extensions/plug-ins.

Just a feature point for the 2.0 discussion.


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