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From Curtis White <>
Subject Re: A question about ClearCase integration?
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 22:01:09 GMT

--- Ken Wood <> wrote:
> I was skimming over the source code. 
> It appears that you require a view path be set.
> Why?

Well, ClearCase requires a file or path to operate on.
I can easily modify the source to remove this
requirement and just use the current directory as a
default if no viewpath is given. That would probably
be the best way to handle it. I just hadn't thought of
that before now. I will make this change.

> So far I've just been using 'exec' task in
> my build.xml files. I've taken great care to
> write every build.xml file to be independent of
> view. So, I have 3 or 7 or 25 different views, and I
> can update ("cleartool update .") or
> (cleartool "update ../tools") in all views without
> ever having to worry about telling 'build.xml'
> the name of the view it's sitting in.

This will still work even with the viewpath being
required. You can set viewpath="." or "../tools" and
it will operate on the path relative to where you are
running the script from.
> I can checkout and checkin, etc, all
> by referring to elements RELATIVE to
> where the build.xml file is, rather
> than with an absolute path.

You can still do this with viewpath. But I will remove
the requirement of having viewpath and just default to
the current directory if viewpath is not specified.
> So, if your code demands a viewpath
> be set, then my carefully crafted,
> works in EVERY view approach is broken
> if I choose to uses these tasks rather
> than 'exec'...
> Or, did I mis-understand the code??

You were correct that viewpath is required, but you do
not need to hard code paths. Relative paths can still
be used with viewpath.


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