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From Curtis White <>
Subject Re: ClearCase integration?
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 17:12:10 GMT
Sorry about that. I probably worded that incorrectly.
What I meant by "tags" is that you can use a
"CCCheckin" XML tag in the Ant build.xml file to
perform a ClearCase checkin command. I'm not familiar
with the Ant jargon yet. 

I believe they are tasks. They are very similar to Vss
(is that tasks or targets?). I added them to the
optional package under a package called "clearcase".
The targets are the files and directories you checkin,
checkout, etc.

For anyone who doesn't already know, ClearCase is a
version control system similar to CVS and Visual
SourceSafe (VSS). The tasks I created allow you to
checkout, checkin, update and un-checkout files to
ClearCase using Ant.

I am attaching the files to this email. To keep the
file size down, I only included the source and class
files along with the files. I
didn't include the Javadocs, but anyone can easily
generate them.


--- Ken Wood <> wrote:
> What is a 'tag'? Ant has targets,
> which are composed of tasks.
> Have you written tasks?
> targets? what? 
> Thanks.

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