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From Diane Holt <>
Subject RE: registry JRE vs. JDK with java task
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 15:22:33 GMT
--- Conor MacNeill <> wrote:
> Just to clarify. Ant requires JAVA_HOME to be set so that it can find
> tools.jar which contains the javac compiler. So while the JDK may no
> longer require it, it still needs to be set if you are using Javac in
> ant.

Unless you've hand-tweaked your file to have addRunTime be
false :)  BTW: Any chance at all of ever having that added as an attribute
to <javac>, so I don't have to have a modified version of the source-file?
As a bargaining chip (albeit, probably not a huge one), I've also added
the Vcafe25 compiler (sj) as one that <javac> now understands, so if
anyone else is actually using that compiler and would be interested in
seeing it incorporated into the cvs source-file, maybe I can get both my
changes patched in and go back to at least being able to get that
source-file off-the-rack?

No biggee if the answer's no, since I'd still have two other modified
source-files, which I know will *never* be allowed to be patched in, since
one of them gets rid of the extra line of space in the logging output, and
the other one allows for a test-for-equality on if/unless (oh no, not that
again! :) -- just figured it couldn't hurt to ask, since one less file to
diddle is better than none less :)



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