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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject Re: AW: Antidote...
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 15:56:24 GMT
--- Christoph Wilhelms <>
> Hi Simeon!
> I just took a closer look on your gui code! U dealt
a lot with commands
> and
> events, but is it really necessary? 

As I stated in my previous email, low coupling is a
high priority for me. I want the ability to
arbitrarily assemble the components of the GUI
together so that you can easily create plug-ins for
IDEs, web-based build tools, wizzards, etc. It's like
the Lego approach to application architecture. It is
through heavy dependence on event and command design
patterns that makes this possible. All application
state is encapsulated in the AppContext class, and
almost all intermodule communications occur through
the event bus.

> I don't think so. I'd propose that I
> (prototypically) plug a gui together using VAJ wich
does (nearly) the
> same
> as yours, with minimum of code/coding! 

Again, -1 on the VAJ code. There may even be some
copyright issues there (but I don't know as I don't
use it). I'm sure my stance on no builder generated
code is fodder for flaming and a jihad could result,
but until I run into the silver bullet GUI builder,
I'm sticking with Emacs.

>I'll send it to you after I'm
> finished, ok? I promise that it will reduce
complexity but save the
> flexibility - oh and I'll not beatify the code VAJ
generates in the first
> step!
> What do you think? Give me your OK and I can be
ready with it in - lets
> say
> 2 days!

Again, propose a feature/module you'd like to add, I
can offer recommendations on how to leverage the
infrastructure, and then submit it.



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