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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject Re: Proposed Revolution: AntEater (a proposal for Ant Core 2.0)
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 01:22:04 GMT

>This is a
> proposal for the core of Ant, and should be a solid
> base for a GUI and other
> things -- but I'm not going to enter into GUI land
> with this as there are
> better qualified people here for that if AntEater
> does get accepted. My
> intention is that the problems that the GUI folks
> have already seen are
> rectified.


>     Solidification of the Project/Target/Task
> hierarchy. This is the core
>     of Ant's model and it should be explicitly
> locked.
>     A strict definition of the internal object model
> to enable scripting
>     and GUIs for execution and editing. This object
> model is a reflection
>     of the build.xml file -- and should be the
> object model used by
>     the GUI and scripts directly. We shouldn't have
> multiple object models
>     in place.


This is all *very* good news for me, as I was only
three days into the Antidote effort and I ran into the
brick wall which is the current data model (and why I
submitted the refactoring proposal). As evidenced by
my last few mails about XML libs, it should have been
appearent that I was using a data model separate from
the Ant one, and this was out of necessity, not
desire. The model I have developed is a w3c DOM model
with the addition of property change event support. I
had thought that if my approach worked out for the GUI
then I could propose its "mergement" into the Ant base
for a consolidated model.

Duncan, I hope that you will be open to some
discussion on the model, as there are certain features
that would greatly aid the development of the GUI, the
primary one being that the Project, Task, Target, etc.
nodes implement the org.w3c.dom.Element interface.
Regardless of how Ant generates instances of these,
the GUI needs to have them as a full DOM
representation of the build.xml file. Although you
probably won't want to include all the items on my
wish list, I'd like to at least get them communicated
to you to make you aware of the GUIs needs (which
should overlap with the needs of many other modules).



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