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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject Re: [SUBMIT] Antidote install for windows
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2000 05:26:05 GMT

--- Erik Meade <> wrote:
> I like antidote so much I want to be able to run
> easily.  

(blush) Wow! A fan this early on! I'd better be

> This patch puts the antidote.jar into
> Ant's lib directory, and copies antidote.bat
> into Ant's bin directory.

Before I check it in, would you be willing to mod the
.bat file to be more like the ant.bat file? It looks
like it has a lot of user friendly checks in there.
I'm sure you could just copy the ant.bat file and
updated it as needed. I don't develop under DOS so
it's harder for me to try it out (and I don't know the
.bat file language). 

I can do the corollary with the bourne shell script if
you want.

As far as the build.xml patch goes, it looks like you
are just installing the antidote.jar file from the
build area under the jakarta-ant dir. Instead,
shouldn't the .bat file just be copyied over to the
build area, and leave it at that since that is from
whence a distribution is built?

Thanks again!


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