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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject RE: Capturing ANT Output
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2000 14:01:45 GMT
> Regarding the output we faced a small problem:
> Main calls Project.fireBuildStarted() when starting 
> the build and Project.fireBuildFinished() at the
> end. 
> We would like to do the same to trigger the
> BuildListeners, 
> but unfortunately both methods are protected.
> Could You make these methods public?
> (From a seperation of concerns point of view it
> would
> be even better if Project itself would signal
> the start and end of a build but I didn't find a
> good location for such a change, because Main does
> a lot of initialization work after calling
> fireBuildStarted()).

vote +10000 :^]

I'm also in big favor of this. In order to launch
builds in Antidote I've had to "copy" some code from to support the expected "executeTask"
behavior. I think that there is room for some
refactoring and better abstraction of the code in and Both 'fireBuildStarted()'
and 'fireBuildFinished()' should definately be the
responsibility of, and not
However, one would probably need a new method over
executeTask() so that the build started/finshed events
are only fired at the appropriate times. Yada yada

Incidentally, I have a TODO to put together a list of
proposed changes to the and
classes relative to this sort of refactoring (and
adding Javadoc!). I think there are several instances
where the behavioral responsibilities could be better
definied and allocated. Hopefully this will generate
some interesting discussions.


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