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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject Antidote Design (was: Home for ANT GUI (was: Ant GUI Requirements))
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 21:05:41 GMT
--- Toby Baier <> wrote:
> A nice infrastructure is important before we start,
> of course. I once
> coded a clone of which just showed a
> JPanel, a JComboBox for
> the targets and some JButtons, which help to some
> extent but was so ugly
> in design I wouldn't dare to show anyone.

That's the bummer about GUIs; if it doesn't look sexy
people won't look under the hood 8^)

> Does your design implement something liek a MVC
> structure? I think this
> decoupling is very important. We already have the
> "model" part, which is
> just Projects with Targets and Tasks. View shouldn't
> be too hard, just
> some swing and maybe a GEF editor, if we want to get
> really
> sophisticated. Most important will be the Controller
> part. 

All great questions. The short answer is, yes there is
separation between presentation and logic (a hybrid
between pure MVC and Model/Delegate), and highly event
driven (so you can plug in/out modules as desired).
I've got an alpha version of the command and event
infrastructure in place, and can load a build file and
show part of its structure (nothing exiting, or sexy
for that matter).

But I think your real question is: "When we gonna get
to see the goods!"

Well, the answer is in two parts: 

1) I'm currently writing up a little overview of the
design ideas I've had so far, and where I have been
heading with the architecture. This will give people a
chance to review it and give input without having to
dig through the code. It also should grow to serve as
an architecture standards doc for those joining the
project, so they know how to properly plug things in.
I'll have something posted in the next day or so.

2) I'm ready to post code, but I need one of the
commiters to either act as a go-between for this, or
give me committer access. I can first post all of the
code as a zipped [PATCH] email if that is what the
group desires; it's about 45k (zipped). Ant
developers, please advise on this point. Soon, pretty
please??? :^)

So, like you I'm ready to see this thing grow. I'm
also ready to brainstorm about specifics, because
although I feel comfortable about the architecture,
I'm feeling dry on the specific on how the UI should
present some of the information, and what the
interaction model might be. It's collaboration time!



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