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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject Re: Home for ANT GUI (was: Ant GUI Requirements)
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2000 16:20:18 GMT
Thanks for all your input. I have spent the last few
days putting together framework/infrastructure, and
have something that compiles and runs, but doesn't do
anything remotely useful.

Given that, at what point should the discussion begin
about making me a committer (at least to this
directory branch), and checking in the code so that 1)
people can see what's going on and jump in if desired,
2) I get better VC than my local CVS?

Some Apache copyright headers and Javadoc need to be
applied to some classes, but it is certainly in a
"doesn't barf" state.

Here's what the directory structure looks like so far
(if you are interested).


It's currently around 25 classes, many stubbed out.

There are currently no external dependencies (other
than ant ;-) ) It does require JDK 1.2 (I'm using
Swing and collections).



--- James Duncan Davidson <> wrote:

> Just go into a separate package - that should be
> protection enough.
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> James Duncan Davidson                               
>              !try; do()

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