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From John Hempe <>
Subject RE: OS detection: am I missing the obvious?
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 04:02:28 GMT
> Actually, if you know the possible values that a property can have
> you are able to test for them as follows:
>  <property name="prop.${prop}" value="true" />
> assumming the possible values for "prop" are "a", "b", "c"; you
> can now do:
>   <target .... if="prop.a" />
>   <target .... if="prop.b" />
>   <target .... if="prop.c" />

Well slap me with a wet fish.  That's exactly what I want to do, can't
believe I didn't try that.  

Oh, and about the Ant build versioning problem, somebody stuck an ant.jar in
Sun's JRE extensions directory. . .so basically it was pilot error.
Apparently, java -class:verbose doesn't show you what gets sucked in from

As far as the branching issue goes, looks like Ant is already expressive
enough for me after all.  I'm just sticking with the "don't add expert
features at the expense of the simpler features" argument.  

--John Hempe

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