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From "Julian M. Savage" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/lib - New directory
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 09:03:27 GMT
I am someone who is mainly a user of Ant, but likes to keep up with the CVS
version of ant as much as possible.

I am not so interested in having the jars for things which I need Ant to be
able to do included directly in the CVS repository, but I would appreciate a
clarification of the expected procedure for building Ant from the
repository. I've always considered the installation instructions to be a
*little* bit incomplete, but was only inspired to mention it by this

If for some reason I were to do things from scratch, I would probably:
* get ant from CVS
* copy any Jars for optional stuff into the "lib" dir.
* bootstrap ant, and install it.
* copy the jars from the jakarta-ant CVS lib dir into the installation lib

I don't like having to bother with a classpath environmental variable, and
like taking advantage of the automatic usage of whatever is contained by the
lib dir. My problem is that if I want to now create a new ant installation
to test out new stuff in a new directory, I have to copy the jars over to
this new directory as well. I think it would be nice if Ant did that for me,
but it only copies it's own Jar over to the lib directory.

My question is:
* What do other people do? Can someone suggest a better way for me to
accomplish what I'm trying to do? Am I not doing things in a "reasonable"
* Why doesn't ant copy all jars from the lib dir over?


ps. I think we use "talking in circles" in English too.

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