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From "Samuel R Listopad II" <>
Subject RE: Revised: [PATCH] Starteam Checkout
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 15:03:38 GMT
> But it works for "not too many" files, so it's not worse than what we
> already have?

Yes, however I have revamped it again and am talking to Jon right now to see
if it fixes the problems.
Some changes:
	Only change modified date if changeLastModified variable set, and on 1.2
(won't work on 1.1, though it is written with reflection so it will compile
on 1.1,  is this acceptable?)

	Check out via stream and update status by resync, rather than just using
thier implementation of checkout (which caused the seg fault on solaris)

But as I said Jon is going to test it again before I resubmit,  so if you
could hold off on the commit til then


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