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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject [PATCH] dotnet.{CSharp,ILasm,NetCommand}
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2000 23:37:23 GMT
Here are the patches to sync up the committed version of these commands with
the version I have been refining over the last couple of weeks. I've tried
to minimise the deltas as much as possible, but the CSharp task in
particular shows a very wide variation.

That is because I have added lots of stuff to make the build process
workable, and then went and had the JavaStyle plugin in JEdit make a mess of
the results (all before Stefan committed the 0.2 set). The fact that the
JavaStyle plugin is moderately destructive to source under windows is now
known, but not before I had to whip the code into the 'Accident and
Emergency' ward and try and recover any recent changes from the mess it had

Whatever, the code is now better javadocumented, and somwhat more tested.

The big changes are
-beta 1 tested
-automatic reference inclusion (imagine a hard coded list of jars stuck in
to substitute for the lack of the classpath concept)
-an 'extraoptions' attribute for any command line options the tasks don't
-attribute documentation moved to the dotnet.html file

I will follow up this message with the doc pages.


NB: If anyone wants an app to test against, I have a dotnet project on
sourceforge to provide postcode to lat/long mapping as a soap service: which is the real test harness for
these ant tasks. It's short of the servlet equivalent and multicontinent

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