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From "Christopher Elkins" <>
Subject Re: beanshell
Date Sun, 12 Nov 2000 22:34:30 GMT
> Just curious but is this for turbine .sh/.bat files. If so I would be happy
> to show you how to change them so that they are simple one liners. At one
> stage I had all the turbine scripts with but a few lines and could probably
> do that again if you want.
I've actually done this already. The Turbine build scripts now do nothing more
than build the minimal classpath required for Ant and launch it. Indeed, you can
now build Turbine by calling:
   $ANT_HOME/bin/ant -buildfile build-turbine.xml [target]

where the current directory is turbine/build and ANT_HOME points to Ant 1.2 or

> Cheers,
> Pete

...sorry for the temporary Turbine noise. ;-)

Christopher Elkins

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