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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: JARs in CVS (was Re: On voting rules)
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 11:55:54 GMT
> > (2) Conor said he liked the idea and was willing to help.
> Stating that
> > "absolutely no one from the community has volunteered to step up" is
> > wrong.
> Ok, I haven't gotten one request to modify the .xml file that
> I placed up on
> the Jakarta site. A statement of being willing to help is a
> hell of a lot
> different than someone actually sending me a patch or code or
> whatever.


I appreciate your enthusiasm but I guess I am just a little old and
slow. Your proposal arrived at 3:20pm Tuesday in my time zone. It is now
some 31 hours later. Were you seriously expecting to have someone submit
code in that sort of timeframe?  In that timeframe, I managed some
sleep, performed a major release at my day job, gave some thought to the
emails and problems on ant-dev & ant-user and gave the occasional
thought to a cjpan task/app.

I can give you some immediate feedback on your XML file. The construct
    <version="1.2.2" latest="true">
is not valid XML :-)

More constructively, I think that items such as Jaxp should be
considered services and not products. Services would have a number of
products which can act as providers. Something along these lines

<product name="Ant" permissionToDistribute="true">
    <ver version="1.2" latest="true">
            This is Ant version 1.2
        <depends service="jaxp" version="1.0" required="true"/>

<service name="jaxp">
   <ver version="1.0" latest="false">
     <provider name="xerces" version="1.2"/>
     <provider name="jaxp_reference" version="1.0"/>

I am willing to help. I have an impulse engine not a warp drive.

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