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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Wait and Available
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 20:35:35 GMT

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> From: Jon Tirsén []
> Sent: Wednesday, 29 November 2000 0:52
> To:
> Subject: RE: [PATCH] Wait and Available
> Except for the "I" I really do like to concept.
> But then again I'm not either a committer or a supporter of
> the general law
> of ant: "If it's not simple it's not ant." :-)

Fine. What is *your* vision of ant then? :-)

> It's a bit sad that the actual discussion got drowned by a naming and
> tabbing discussion... :-(

Jon, the reason I asked Thomas about his tabs is not because I have a
particular distaste of tabs but more because of the fact that he
completely reformatted the source files making it difficult to see what
changes he had made. As a committer, I want to understand any patch I
commit to make sure it works, that it doesn't break ant, etc. To me that
is the responsibility of a committer.

I hope Thomas can resubmit the patch in a format where I can clearly
understand his changes. BTW, I would have removed the "I" anyway :-)


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