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From "Thomas Christen" <>
Subject Nested Tasks
Date Sat, 18 Nov 2000 16:31:18 GMT
As mentioned earlier, I wrote a new task called wait. This task would wait
for a defined period of time and then continue. My next step is now to
enhance the task available in way that it if the expected resource is not
available it should try it after a while and retry for a maximum period of
time (like wait would).

At first I thought, I should add the necessary attributes and implement a
similar functionality as implemented in wait. But now I'm thinking a nested
approach would be clearer like :

<wait for="60000">
	<available file="foo.txt" property="foo.available"/>

even more than one resources or even other tasks could be put inside this
wait (e.g. retry if a task failed).

I could imagine the same concept for my earlier proposed "paralell"
option. I could implement it the same way like

	<javac ....>
	<javac .....>

The disadvantage is, a concept like this would open the
posibility to become mor a script like tool, witch I expect
is not what most of you want ....

Another problem I have is, I would need to expand the mechnism
inside IntrospectionHelper and allow to identify a methode
void add(Task task) as a general interface to add a nested task
to a task.

Shall I procede ?


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