BugRat Report # 184

Project: Ant Release: CVS of September 15th
Category: Bug Report SubCategory: New Bug Report
Class: swbug State: received
Priority: medium Severity: non-critical
Confidence: public

Submitter: Julien Mercay ( jmercay@scdi.org )
Date Submitted: Sep 29 2000, 07:21:35 CDT
Responsible: Z_Ant Alias ( ant-bugs@cortexity.com )

Filters don't work when multiple '@' on the line
Environment: (jvm, os, osrel, platform)
1.2.2, NT / Solaris, 4.0 / 2.6, PC / Sun

Additional Environment Description:

Report Description:
Imagine the following jsp file fragment: <%@ include file="@ROOT@/some/include.jsp%> The filter doen't replace @ROOT@ with it's value, and the line is unchanged.


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