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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: GUI for Ant
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 13:28:56 GMT
At 12:50  26/9/00 -0400, you wrote:
>There are arguments for and against but I do not want to get into those. In
>the end, ant is APL and it cannot be linked to code which is GPL.


>I am a little confused with this.  Does this mean that GPL projects and APL
>projects can never marry?  


>What would it take for Anthill to change its license to APL?  
>All the developers consent?  Of Anthill? 

of anthill and of any other authors of GPL components that it uses

>Or of Ant?  It
>seems strange that if the developers feel this is an adequate GUI for Ant,
>that it could not be mended into the existing distribution.  There has to be
>someway to get around this. 

I have tried before but I couldn't find one. I would love to be able to use
GPL'ed code or GPL stuff in apache but it is just not legally feasable.

>I guess I can see why Apache can never
>distribute Anthill with Ant, but can the developers of Anthill distribute
>Ant with Anthill?

the developers of Anthill can never distribute Anthill legally. I would
love to see it worked on and am interested in which GPL components anthill
has that we can't convert to non gpl. It requires that the author decide to
open up code base and allow other people to muck about (or else they can do
it themselves :P)

>Overall I guess my question is - APL can not put GPL code into its
>distribution (package [is there a difference?] ), but what about vise-versa?

sadly nay.

GPL can never legally be distributed with non GPL code, except in the case
it is considered a system component - but a requirement of system
components are that they have to come with the OS in which case there would
never be a need to distribute it with GPL ed code :P



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