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From "Scotte Zinn" <>
Subject Patch to Javac to check if .class exists before warning that .java is modified in the future
Date Sat, 16 Sep 2000 00:31:32 GMT
I've made a small patch to to add an additional check to see if
the .class file exists prior to warning the user that the source file was
modified in the future.

This gets rid of the error message for me since my build area is usually
empty before a build.  However, the real fix would be to note the
potentially problematic source files and check to see if the source file is
newer than the destination file and generate the warning at that time.  If
this additional check would be worthwhile, let me know and I'll resubmit the
patch with this additional check.

The reason I'm making this patch is because of what I think is a problem
with the Win98 filesystem in that I do a copydir task of my source files to
the build area and then compile from my build area.  There is no reason I
should be getting the warning in the first place, but I think there is a
resolution in the timestamp of a file that may force it into the future.

-- Scotte

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