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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: javadoc linkoffline???
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2000 16:05:32 GMT
>>>>> "J" == tcmits1  <> writes:

 J> version?  I just downloaded and installed a nightly build dated
 J> 8-4-2000, by running first then

 J> when I type ant -version I get Ant version 1.0-rc1 compiled on
 J> July 12 2000 Which points to some error in Ant or my build of Ant.

Or you are invoking another Ant than you've built.

The date reported by Ant is set from the clock of your machine - so
you may know whether this is right or not. But 1.0-rc1 is the version
that was in build.xml before the 1.1 release.

If you get errors re JUnit, you must have a post 1.1 version on the
other hand. Go and search for an old ant.jar in CLASSPATH.

The bug may very well still be present in the latest nightly build,
Javadoc has been modified again today and is expected to work now.


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