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From "James Duncan Davidson" <>
Subject Re: Ant Questions
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 23:39:42 GMT
on 7/30/00 11:33 AM, Patrick Beard at wrote:

> potentially different packages, letting the javac compiler sort
> things out. Has anybody started working on an IDE or at least a tool
> that generates ant build files? Seems like a good idea.

A tool that built ant files, displayed them in a tree, let particular
targets be build with a highlight and a click would be really cool. Theres
one that somebody started that's GPL. I was hoping that it could be
mainstreamed into the codebase, but it can't with that license. :(

> I've written a tool that lets you glue together multiple disjoint
> directory hierarchies, and jar files (it's called jlink). I want to
> integrate jlink into ant potentially. The one thing I'm trying to
> understand is how to hook together dependencies. If the inputs to
> jlink are a directory and a text file, how can I communicate those
> dependencies so that ant won't rebuild the final target?

Ant will call each task in the targets that get called -- it's the tasks
themselves that have to decide whether or not to take action and not


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