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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: [RFE] Default Help target on error ?
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 23:37:10 GMT
on 7/28/00 7:02 PM, at

> The alternative to this is to not catch the exception at all, which means
> you'll get a stack trace for every error, which can be annoying. Or we can
> catch the exception and ignore it, which means that ant will always return
> an error code of zero, and external scripts won't be able to tell if the
> build succeeded or not. (Does anyone know why sun didn't have main() simply
> return an int?)

Returning an int would have been beautiful. <sigh> The Exceptions should
always be caught and return code sent for typically command line use -- you
are correct there.

> To call Ant from another program you should be able to just call new
> Main(args).runBuild(), but right now the constructor for Main is protected.

Right.. I guess you could make a .jxe (I think they are called?) that
trapped the command "ant" and called this directly. In fact that might be
the way to go on JShell. I see that Patrick has submitted some patches and
that might take care of things as well. Haven't looked at them yet though.

> As for JShell, I thought it implemented its own security manager to trap
> calls to System.exit() and handle them. Which version are you using?

Whatever was on Patrick's site a month or two back. I admit I haven't played
with it much, just a little bit.


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