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From Paul Hodgetts <>
Subject DDCreator Tasks Seems Broken
Date Sat, 05 Aug 2000 01:28:30 GMT
After downloading last night's build (8/4 ~2 AM), it seems like
the DDCreator task has broken.

I'm running on WinNT 4.0.

When the argument list reaches DDCreatorHelper (at line 99 in the
constructor), the backslashes have been stripped from the
directories that specify the source and destination (the first two
arguments).  In DDCreator (line 115), before passing them to
DDCreatorHelper, they have the backslashes.

I think the culprit is somewhere in the ddCreatorTask.setArgs(args)
call.  Possibly down in CommandLine, in the nested class Argument,
in the setLine() method, where it calls translateCommandLine().
It looks like translateCommandLine() is stripping out the
backslashes, but honestly I'm lost at this point and can't tell
for sure what's up or why.  But I don't see any diffs in
translateCommandLine() between the previous build I was running
and the new build, so maybe something somewhere up the ladder is
calling it when it shouldn't or something.

Can anyone who knows the code better please take a look?  I'll be
happy to run any tests or help debug wherever I can, although I
won't be able to help much over the weekend, but I can Monday.


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