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From "William G. Thompson, Jr." <>
Subject Re: new XMLC Taskdef
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2000 15:25:59 GMT
Conor MacNeill wrote:
> Bill,
> Probably best not to mail a 1 Meg file to everyone on the ant-dev list :-)
duly noted.

> What are your expectations for the xmlc.jar file that you included? What
> licence is it covered by? I notice some gnu classes in it, so I presume it
> has some form of GNU licence.
I provided xmlc.jar as a convience.  The Task calls XMLC, but I had to
tweak that code to make it work.  I am hoping that the Enhydra folks
will add the changes to the main distribution so that people can just
get it from them.

> I see that you directly invoke the enhydra classes. IANAL, but there may be
> licensing issues involved which would prevent this code being included in
> the ant source tree. Can anyone else comment on this?
IANALE, but I don't believe there is a licensing issue.  No GPL code is
in there.
XMLC is covered under EPL a variation of the MPL.

gnu.regexp.*; is LGPL 

Does this sound right?


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