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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: cvs task - BufferedReader code in
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 06:50:25 GMT
>>>>> "BMK" == Brian M Kelley <> writes:

 BMK>   Any workarounds (I've tried a few with no success)?

You only need to login once if you never logout again, so you could do
cvs login from the shell and don't use it inside Ant at all. This is
for a workaround, not a solution of course.

 BMK> Will there be a fix for this?

We are working to get a release out be the end of this/start of next
week. After that we should take a look at issues like this.

 BMK> I read in the code that jCVS might be used in the future;

There is a major problem, the license. jCVS is GPLed so we cannot
include code that uses jCVS with Ant - except if the code calls jCVS
via reflection for each and every method call IIRC.

There have been at least two people with jCVS based tasks around here,
both during the last month - maybe you can look into the archive (read
your welcome mail 8^) and ask them to share with you.


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