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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject The execution framework
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 13:21:41 GMT
This is a rather large beast which I've more or less left unchanged
from what Thomas had built initially.

Let's start with the user visible change. <exec> now invokes another
class which should behave exactly like Exec did - if it doesn't,
please tell me immediately.

Apart from the attributes inherited from the old exec implementation,
the new exec adds three features:

(1) A timeout attribute. Timeout measured in milliseconds. If the
process doesn't terminate in time it's going to be killed.

(2) As an alternative to the old command attribute you can specify the
executable and the arguments separately, i.e.

<exec executable="ls">
  <arg value="-l" />
  <arg value="${src.dir}" />

the benefit is that you don't need to care about spaces embeded in
arguments anymore.

(3) Environment variables can be passed to the process that gets
executed. Usage:

<exec ...>
  <env key="HOME" value="${user.home}" />

This has been a first raw cut at it, I'm going to convert task by
task and create at least one new task on the way (hear me

If anything doesn't work as expected, please tell me.


BTW I didn't test it on the Windows platform at all, but I thought we
might break something now that we can point users at a release version

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