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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: AntHill, the GUI for Ant
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2000 10:46:25 GMT
>>>>> "FL" == Frederic Lavigne <> writes:

 FL> 1. Bugs related to sourcepath parameter in javac, javadoc task
 FL> definitions: AFAIK, all paths used in ant must be resolved by
 FL> project.resolveFile(...).

There is no *must* but if tasks use setXXX(File) this File instance is
guaranteed to be resolved by above method. This feature is quite new
so not all tasks use it - others might avoid doing so for some
reason. I'll have a look at Javac and Javadoc to see what's up.

 FL> 3. I was looking for a DTD or schema for ant. I understand that
 FL> as we can create new taskdefs, we should also provide the
 FL> corresponding DTD. I didn't find any answer in the FAQ.

Now there is one, see FAQ.

There is a task named antstructure (for the time being) that takes a
single attribute (output, filename for the dumped DTD). This creates a
DTD including all tasks Ant currently knows about. This one should
only be used as a starting point as it doesn't know which attributes
are required - while Michel's hand crafted work referenced in the FAQ
does know this.

Michel describes a way to extend a basic DTD for custom tasks at the
page referenced in the FAQ.

 FL> but I rely on some user interface library I've done.

As you've said in another thread you plan to release it under GPL. This
means we couldn't include it with Ant. But I'd be happy to include at
least a pointer to AntHill (once it is available) in the documentation
and I ask you to add an entry to the FAQ yourself.


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