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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [patch] (was Re: Time-based dependencies)
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 09:38:35 GMT
>>>>> "SL" == Steve Loughran <> writes:

 SL> However it's untested. I need to think of a suitable test matrix
 SL> (and a server to generate the test results).

Unfortunately I don't live behind a firewall either so I cannot help
you much with regard to testing - or should I say fortunately. As the
Java URLConnection stuff is supposed to do most of the magic, your
code should work - though I didn't test it either.

Please change the code to setUseFiletime to either take a boolean
argument (requires a rather recent Ant) or use Project.toBoolean to
line up with the boolean like attributes of other tasks.

 SL> (Even so, it wont work for FTP and other protocols that dont
 SL> include date/time)

Well, one could do the FTP stuff oneself and try to parse the result to
the LIST command ... That's half way to a PUT task I guess.

 SL> 2. Touching the file after download.

Take a look at Expand or Untar for examples of abusing Touch for this.


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