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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2000 08:39:58 GMT
I've added a couple of lines to src/bin/ant to add a property
jikes.class.path to Ant's command line if the user has set the
JIKESPATH variable. Could somebody please make the corresponding
changes to ant.bat - I don't dare to touch .bat files myself.

What has happened here is that "my" Ant tried to compile the EjbJar
task for the first time, I have build.compiler set to jikes in my day
to day environment. jaxp.jar is in jre/lib/ext of my JDK installation
and a shell script run from .profile ensures everything in the ext dir
gets added to JIKESPATH (which jikes prefers over CLASSPATH _unless_
you specify -classpath on the command line). 

This now didn't work as we do specify the classpath to jikes on the
command line and don't add the ext dir unless we are explicitly told


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