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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: implicit filtering
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2000 15:09:06 GMT
>>>>> "CM" == Conor MacNeill <> writes:

 CM> Since we are on the topic of implicit things, I find the concept
 CM> of filtering applied to copydir way too implicit.

Note that this is not only true for <copydir>, <javac> did the same as
long as the "copying support files" behavior was there.

 CM> I would like to see <filterref> use with copydir.

To explicitly restrict the filters to use? Say I have

  <filter token="token1" value="value1" id="filter1" />
  <filter token="token2" value="value2" id="filter2" />
  <copydir src="src" dest="dest">
    <filterref refid="filter1" />

would apply the first filter but not the second? No filterrefs means
filters get ignored? This will sure break some build files but, yes, I
like it.


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