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From Mariusz Nowostawski <>
Subject [patch] executeon with parallel/sequential modes
Date Sun, 23 Jul 2000 03:33:34 GMT

I have written additional attribute for executeon, namely 'sequential'.
If value of the attribute 'sequential' is one which starts with "on",
"yes", "true", or "1", the execution is one call to executable per each
single file attached as an argument.
If this attribute is skipped or does not match above pattern (nice users
should use e.g. "off" ;o) the parallel execution is assumed, and there is
only one call to executable with the list of files. It works for trivial
tests with ls for me at the moment  ;o)
If you eventually decide to refactor existing source, I suggest renaming
the task to <execon> and class to, to which nobody seems
not to have objections.


Stefan wrote:
> I will have a look at your patch later this day or maybe even tonight
> - in which case you will see the result tommorow in my timezone. We
> should make the decission between sequential and parallel execution an
> user option - transforming SGML files into RTF using jade would be my
> standard example where sequential mode is needed.

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