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Subject Re: Spurious Output
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2000 11:14:42 GMT
On 17 Jul 2000, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>  PD> * logging that suppresses output unless a task fails-
>  PD> and will then log all output of said task 
> I must have missed (or forgotten) that one.

hmmm - maybe I didn't pass on that one - a few people
complained to me on another list and I proposed that and
they said that would fix problem. It could be I never passed
on the message :P

>  PD> * emacs-friendly output (ie never decided upon method)
> I didn't understand your problems - but I haven't tricked JDE into
> using Ant for building projects yet, so I'm still running ant from
> outside of my XEmacs.

I can send you the .el file if you want :P. Basically the
problem is that default logger adds "\t[taskname]" to output
from any tasks. Usually emacs is able to pass jikes error
messages but because of that prefix emacs doesn't recognize
it as an error. In all my versions I just comment out that
evil bit of code so I can automatically go to line where
errior occurs. Much betterer :P



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