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From "Julien Couvreur" <>
Subject RE: Controling the environment for exec tasks
Date Sun, 16 Jul 2000 23:53:07 GMT


So it is possible to tune environment variables before launching a process.
Now comes the question : how could we extend the "exec" task to support
The problem to me is that ANT expects to know the name of the parameters you
can set in a task. Whereas in our case, we don't know them in advance.
That is : somebody may want to set "DISPLAY" and "TERM", while somebody else
needs to change "CLASSPATH".

So it seems a direct use of ANT notation is not enough our case.
I am curious to know what the ANT "gurus" are thinking of this issue. But it
seems to me a feature useful to have in "exec", even though it doesn't seem
immediate to implement.


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