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From "Julien Couvreur" <>
Subject RE: Controling the environment for exec tasks
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2000 00:03:06 GMT

Just a small addition :
If we had a setEnv in that instead of
public void setEnv (String env) {
	this.env = env;
would rather pile up the env string (which should look like "key=value" for
example, as in bash).
So it would look like <exec ..... env="key1=value1" env="key2=value2" />.

First, I don't know if Ant would support having the same "env" key called

Next, I would look better if it was rather like :
<exec ...>
	<env key="k1" value="v1"/>
	<env key="k2" value="v2"/>
</exec>, but this needs the creation of a new parent class, like Task and
MatchingTask, and therefore needs to be thought of from the most general
point of view possible. And also, I don't know whether Ant support having
"env" (or "include") called twice this way.


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