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From "Ken Liu" <>
Subject RE: Why Properties became immutable
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 16:22:38 GMT
Yes, and in my development team we don't really have a designated "expert"
whose job is to create and maintain the build files.  It's really a team
effort.  I guess I was the one who started us out with Ant, but certainly
all the developers need to be able to add to the build files when necessary.
That's the beauty of Ant.  It's really easy for everyone to be able to
understand what is going on with a basic familiarity with Ant.  And others
aren't afraid to add to the build.xml files because the syntax is fairly

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> From: Roger Vaughn []
> Sent: Friday, July 21, 2000 12:04 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Why Properties became immutable
> with Imake.  You have to have an "expert" write your XSLT files
> for you.  Then
> the "common" user only has to deal with simple XML - presumably
> simpler and
> more specific than today's Ant files.  This was regarded as a
> plus in the Imake
> days.  This means, however, that you had better keep your expert
> fat and happy
> 'cause he has to be around to tweak the templates as needed.  It
> also means
> that we can no longer easily exchange build files, because every separate
> installation is going to come up with a different set of templates, and
> therefore a different buildfile syntax.  Imake worked around this
> by providing
> a standard set of templates that really weren't good for anyone.  :-)
> In other words, the minuses outweigh the pluses.

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