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From "Malcolm Sparks" <>
Subject RE: Fixing taskdef (was Re: Feedback on first uses of Ant)
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 19:07:10 GMT
> Malcolm, does this help solve your problem?

Yes, I think it will. However, if your taskdef has other dependencies in
other jars, you might want to specify where these jars are, rather than have
to go back to maintaining a system CLASSPATH environment variable. I know
there is a workaround using a jar manifest, but it seems to me that a custom
class loader would be simple to do.


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> From: Jason Hunter []
> Sent: 12 July 2000 19:40
> To:
> Cc: bob
> Subject: Fixing taskdef (was Re: Feedback on first uses of Ant)
> > Taskdefs are great, we would have been really stuck without
> them. Some of
> > our projects have their own taskdefs which need to be maintained. The
> > trouble is when it comes using Ant itself to build recently
> modified taskdef
> > code.
> Funny you should write this, I was just going to post about a similar
> problem we're having in JDOM.  We have need for a custom task.  We have
> the source code for the task checked in to our tree, and it may be
> modified from time to time.  Now, what I would like is to have our build
> compile the task, then later use the compiled version of the task.  This
> allows us to check-in only the .java file, not a corresponding .class
> file or .jar file.  That is a Good Thing.
> The problem is that Ant attempts to load the custom task during the
> parse phase, so of course it doesn't find it.  Looking at the
> source we see Anil (akv) moved the execute() code into
> init() with a note asking if that's the right thing to do.  To me it
> seems like it isn't.  Any objects to my moving it back?  Anil, was there
> a reason you moved the code earlier?
> Malcolm, does this help solve your problem?
> -jh-

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