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From "James Duncan Davidson" <>
Subject Re: Incremental Compilation and ant
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2000 20:17:00 GMT
on 7/21/00 6:50 AM, Jesse Glick at wrote:

> I'd like to add a suggestion for a variant of this. Basically it would
> be one task, not two, which runs an incremental compilation and also
> computes dependencies.

Way back, I wanted to give the javac task the ability to stash a dependency
graph somewhere so that it could do this -- same thought. :)

> For efficiency, it would be possible to store a single deps
> database in some format, listing timestamp, dependent class name, and
> all source dependencies of that class. Or .dep files could be placed in
> a special separated directory.

I'd do a serialized object sitting at the base of the source tree that
contained the dependancies for the source tree.


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