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Subject Re: [PATCH] All properties available as filters
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2000 12:56:17 GMT

Personally, I'd give this a -1.  If it does get included, put a VERY big
warning in the docs.

Glenn McAllister
TID - Software Developer - VisualAge for Java
IBM Toronto Lab, (416) 448-3805
"An approximate answer to the right question is better than the
right answer to the wrong question." - John W. Tukey

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Subject:        Re: [PATCH] All properties available as filters

>>>>> "JHL" == John H Lee <> writes:

 JHL> This change makes all properties available as filters.  Make
JHL> sense?

Which implies creating a lot of additional filters you've never
thought of - I doubt anybody would have @line.separator@ in her files
but ...

If we'd decide on including this, we should put a *strong* warning in
the documentation.


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