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From Jason Boehle <>
Subject RE: Incremental Compilation and ant
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 15:16:51 GMT
> My question remains - why create a massive workaround for crappy compilers
> when you already have a very very very fast compiler that does it for you.
> Integrating this into javac task is just penalising the decent compiler
> hiding faults of bad compilers.

I have never used jikes, but have heard from others that it is very fast,
which is usually the reason people use it (plus the dependency checking
thing sounds useful also).  But to any of you using or thinking about using
jikes, I would encourage you to peruse the jikes bug list:

In particular, check out the following bugs having to do with JPDA

In my project, we are using Ant because we have been unable to find an IDE
suite of tools that we are happy with.  Therefore we have ended up with a
stand-alone editor, Ant (a stand-alone make tool), and a stand-alone
debugger.  When you are talking about a stand-alone debugger, presently you
are looking at JPDA debuggers.  Since jikes generates code that is
incompatible with JPDA, we are unable to use it!  And of the three bugs
listed above, no comments have been made to suggest that they are even being
worked on.  I haven't checked the latest jikes CVS or mailing list archives,
so these problems could very well be addressed already.

I am interested to hear some other stories on jikes and how it is used in
your organization.  Please email me directly though, as this may turn into
an off-topic discussion that not everyone wants to participate in (but I
could be wrong about that).

Jason Boehle

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