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From Jimmy Sieben <>
Subject Re: cvs task - BufferedReader code in
Date Sat, 15 Jul 2000 04:00:28 GMT
At 10:46 PM 7/14/2000, you wrote:
> > Slightly off-topic,
> >          But if I were to write a Java library, and I wanted to ensure that
> > mods to the library must be distributed, but that any application that
> > makes use of it (through dynamic or static linking) would not, which
> > license would I want to use?
>The MPL would be my current recommendation to handle those goals.  But
>Apache can solve them as well.  With the MPL you legally require people
>to contribute back.  With Apache you create a community that naturally
>gives back (for reasons too numerous to list here).  It depends on your
>app if you see a real threat to someone trying to leverage your code
>against you, and are willing to potentially limit the adoption of your
>product to protect against that.  (With the MPL that someone was MS, do
>you have a MS?)

         Thanks for your advice - I'll definitely look into those two.

> >          This issue is going to come up for me pretty soon, and playing
> > license bingo is very frustrating. Is there a comprehensive resource for
> > this stuff (and relevant to Java, especially) out there that someone could
> > point me to?
>There are lots of written resources that give you an overview of license
>options.  The company I just joined, Collab.Net, provides consulting and
>hosting services for all things involved with open sourcing a large
>product.  License issues are just the tip of the iceberg (believe me,
>I'm a new hire and my head's getting full).  We did Sun's
>initiative as an example, and there are many more coming up.  I'm having
>a lot of fun, and if you want a cool job or need our expertise...

         I hear you :) BTW tell the netbeans guys they did a fantastic job 
of building a community and all. The tool has really improved since Sun 
took it over, but I am glad they didn't forsake the community. I love netbeans.
 get on-topic,. has anyone written a NetBeans module to 
use Ant for building? :)
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