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From Jimmy Sieben <>
Subject Re: cvs task - BufferedReader code in
Date Sat, 15 Jul 2000 03:31:48 GMT
At 09:00 PM 7/14/2000, you wrote:

>That's one interpretation.  The license is painfully unclear in this
>regard, and there's no precedent from any court case to back up any
>interpretation.  You'd have to convince a judge that making hard-coded
>reflection calls was somehow fundamentally different than making direct
>calls.  In my opinion the LGPL isn't appropriate for Java.  The MPL has
>a similar effect with stronger legal protection to the library user.

Slightly off-topic,
         But if I were to write a Java library, and I wanted to ensure that 
mods to the library must be distributed, but that any application that 
makes use of it (through dynamic or static linking) would not, which 
license would I want to use?
         This issue is going to come up for me pretty soon, and playing 
license bingo is very frustrating. Is there a comprehensive resource for 
this stuff (and relevant to Java, especially) out there that someone could 
point me to?
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