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From Russell Gold <>
Subject Re: Style task (Mea culpa)
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2000 14:42:30 GMT
At 10:15 AM 7/19/00 -0400, you wrote:

>Does the style task check its targets to see if it has already run? It 
>seems to be generating its results over and over for me.

Oops - I blamed the wrong task. The style task is behaving correctly.

The problem I am having is a bit different. I am using the style task to 
generate a java file, which I then compile. The problem is that that file 
is being recompiled over and over again, even thought STYLE is correctly 
not generating it.

Now as I am using it, I understand why the recompilation is happening - the 
generated java file has a package statement, but Style doesn't know to 
place it in the appropriate directory, so javac thinks it needs to 
recompile it.

Will the style task handle directory trees? I could just place the .xml 
into the appropriate directory...

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