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From Paul Hodgetts <>
Subject RE: Recent logging aint emacs friendly
Date Sat, 08 Jul 2000 16:35:40 GMT
I feel a little funny jumping into this conversation, since I
just started following this mail list last week and I'm not
sure of the protocol of the list yet, but...

Conor MacNeill wrote:

 > With option2 you could use a different logger - something like
 > ant -logger emacs.logger -listener
 > Option 1 is about changing the behaviour of the default logger. So something
 > like
 > ant -emacsMode -listener
 > Thoughts?

Having a mode to the default logger means that you have to go
in and modify the logger if you ever want to add more modes.
The logger class is not closed from extensions in this way and
may end up having a whole lot of cases for the different modes.

Having separate logger classes means the default logger can be
closed to modifications when new loggers are added.  New modes
just mean writing a new logger class.  I'm assuming there's
some sort of factory method/class that knows how to instantiate
the logger based on the command line property.

If the command line syntax is not clean, that can be changed
independent of the logger class by just updating the syntax and
the factory method/class that reads the property to build the
corresponding logger class.

So, I think option 2 provides the cleaner and more flexible
internal architecture.

Hopefully, I haven't jumped in where I'm not supposed to be,
and that I haven't misinterpreted the thread.  I'm sure someone
will let me know if I did.  ;-)

BTW, Conor, I started using your DDCreator and ejbc tasks for
WebLogic 4.x, and I have a couple of comments and questions.
Should I email you off line or on the list?

-Paul Hodgetts

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