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From "Daniel L. Rall" <>
Subject Re: Build tool decision **
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2000 02:14:20 GMT
Vijay Raghavan wrote:
> My group is in the process of making a build tool decision: ANT vs GMAKE
> So here is the question:
> Does ANT have any known stability issues? Is there a problem with, say,
> compiling thousands of Java files at a time.
> Can someone give me a feel for the size of projects ANT has been tried
> with?

Hi Vijay!
At JavaOne in SF this year, I attended a talk by Martin Fowler (author
of "Refactoring", "UML Distilled", etc.).  Someone in the audience asked
for his method of build automation.  Turns out his company is using Ant
for a Java-based desktop application which takes like hours to build (or
something ridiculous like that).  He urged the entire audience to try
out Ant as their next generation build tool.  Other projects which I am
familiar with that use Ant as their primary build tool include Ant
itself, Tomcat (Apache and Sun reference implementation of a servlet
container for the 2.2 Servlet API), Turbine, and WebMacro.  I first
started using it to build Tomcat version 3 from CVS.  I've never once
had problems as a "end-user", and I've always been using an Ant CVS

Daniel Rall <>

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