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From Jesse Glick <>
Subject Re: Immutable Properties in 1.1?
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2000 20:49:51 GMT
Ken Liu wrote:
> BTW, the problem I see with using templated targets ala Jesse's patch is

"patch" -> "proposed patch" :-)

> that it would be difficult to define different "depends" for each different
> target, no?

Well, I was assuming that you would be able to parametrize depends lists
as well:

<target pattern="prepare-dir-(.*)">
  <somehowCleanIt path="sources/$[1]"/>
<target pattern="build-dir-(.*)-with-libs-from-(.*)"
  <compileIt path="sources/$[1]"

Something like that. Now run targets like
"build-dir-foo/bar-with-libs-from-miscutils". If you have different
*kinds* of dependencies for the different targets, you would need one
template per kind of dependency, I guess.


Jesse Glick   <>
NetBeans, Open APIs  <>
tel (+4202) 3300-9161 Sun Micro x49161 Praha CR

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