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From Jason Hunter <>
Subject Re: cvs task - BufferedReader code in
Date Sat, 15 Jul 2000 03:46:40 GMT
> Slightly off-topic,
>          But if I were to write a Java library, and I wanted to ensure that
> mods to the library must be distributed, but that any application that
> makes use of it (through dynamic or static linking) would not, which
> license would I want to use?

The MPL would be my current recommendation to handle those goals.  But
Apache can solve them as well.  With the MPL you legally require people
to contribute back.  With Apache you create a community that naturally
gives back (for reasons too numerous to list here).  It depends on your
app if you see a real threat to someone trying to leverage your code
against you, and are willing to potentially limit the adoption of your
product to protect against that.  (With the MPL that someone was MS, do
you have a MS?)

>          This issue is going to come up for me pretty soon, and playing
> license bingo is very frustrating. Is there a comprehensive resource for
> this stuff (and relevant to Java, especially) out there that someone could
> point me to?

There are lots of written resources that give you an overview of license
options.  The company I just joined, Collab.Net, provides consulting and
hosting services for all things involved with open sourcing a large
product.  License issues are just the tip of the iceberg (believe me,
I'm a new hire and my head's getting full).  We did Sun's
initiative as an example, and there are many more coming up.  I'm having
a lot of fun, and if you want a cool job or need our expertise...


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